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How to choose a puppy

We don’t buy a dog every day. He will live with us for 10 – 15 years, so we have to spend some time with our new family member choice.

What we need most of all, is a bit of luck. It is quite usual, that the owner, who selects his first dog as a pet, unknowingly picks a future champion. Mostly this is only for the first time. The next time around, the new dog is really a pet quality. This is usual for all breeds.

As an example: one breeder wished to have a nice stud dog for her females. She bought a male puppy in the country of origin. The male was growing well and he was a wonderful dog. He had only one fault – he was sterile!
This is a basic fault for stud dogs of course.   Incidentally, the dog was not a Bolognese, but sterility can also occur in this breed.

So…we need some luck, but more importantly some basic knowledge in advance.  This will help us to make our choice.

The situation is very different if we want to have the puppy for dog shows and for breeding.
No breeder can guarantee in advance that our little pup is going to be a champion, although the puppy can have all assumptions, but there can never be any certainty.  Even an experienced breeder sometimes chooses the wrong puppy!
 However, I believe that this puppy is going to be small and great for shows but in reality it can grow and grow and be not only too tall but also too long - which is worse.
If we want to attend dog shows and we want the right dog, the only solution is to buy an older puppy.
In this case the puppy has to be at least 10 months old; quadratic shape of the body; after the first teeth change - scissors bite, perfect canine teeth positioning, good pigmentation, straight back, standard fur and perfect tail holding. Such a miracle is very hard to find! And why should a breeder sell miracle like that?  A puppy of this quality will be sold for a much higher price than a7 week old puppy!


Aktuální foto k 12.1.2016

2 puppies(male) for sale DOB. 17.12.2015

mather: champion Zara Denajwen, father: champion Ulisse - import from Italie

available in February


Male  7 month, complete vaccination, tests, petpass, excellent pigmentation, snow-white fur, temperament, cuddly.

Mather: interchampion Natálka Denajwen, father: interchampion Ulisse - import Itálie



Aktuální foto k 15.1.2014


Actual photo  7.1.2014


Actual photo 29.12.2013


father - Hafík Harmonie tlapek


mather - Kiara od Krásné řeky

world winner

Puppies Pedigree  (born 11.12.2013)

father: Hafík Harmonie tlapek

mother:  Kiara od Krásné řeky