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Reports from  Bolognese dog shows,  news from the Denajwen kennel and other news…


For the whole life Peter i Virgil Denajwen won the highest titles at the shows and it´s not even in veterans class. 

Danielo Toselli Thank You very much.


Fido - Fevvy Denajwen - I love walks


Virgil Denajwen a Daniela Toselli - big success in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Danielo & Virgil thank you very much


The most precious thing that Peter, Virgil and Zany Denajwen achieved was the Italian Certificate, which eliminated doubts of genetic defects and proved eligibility for breeding. Tests were carried out only by veterinarians from the ENCI Kennel Club. We greatly appreciate and thank Daniela and Gabriele.

Crufts 2015 - Daniela, congratulation, all dogs got the best prices.

Daniela and Gabriele Toselli are at the moment the most successful propagators and dog exhibitors of Bolognese dogs in Europe. During their long running show career their dogs meet the perfect condition and standard show hair cuts. All these was influenced by great home care and it effects dogs and their children's success.

Daniela, Gabriele, thank you.

Dogs breed kennel Denajwen.


Peter Denajwen - Crufts 2015


Beautifully presented nine year old in full flocked coat. Masculine head, ears well set, eyes medium size. Mouth level bite and full clean dentition. Well laid shoulders, straight legs, ribs well sprung, well muscled hind quarters, high set tail. Holds his outline well when standing and on the move. Shown in hard condition. Would have liked longer legs to complete the picture.

Virgile Denajwen - Crufts 2015


All male in head with clean well set eyes. Well placed high set ears. Good width of skull to muzzle of correct length and shape. Strong forelegs, well let down chest, good ribbing. Would like legs a little longer. Holds himself well on the move and commands the ring with his presence. Almost a veteran and still has full dentition all in good order. Presented in full flocked coat in beautiful condition. Pigment a little off today as many were. He charmed me, what a sweetheart.

Zany Denajwen - Crufts 2015

Zany Denajwen - Champion CMKU

Zany Denajwen - Eddie, champion CMKU

Dog Show CRUFTS 2014 - Birmingham 8.3.2014

Peter Denajwen - best veteran and reserve best dog


CACIB - Forli 2.2.2014

Latest great success of Daniela Toselli and Peter Deajwen in Italian Forli.

In class veteran Peter Denajwen acquired BOV & BOB


CACIB - Ljubljana 2014

Big success of Daniela Toselli and Peter Deajwen in Ljubljan.

In class veteran Peter Denajwen acquired 1 ECC. BOV & BOB

Great congratulation to Daniela Toselli.

Peter Denajwen and Daniela Toselli gained another great success at the CACIB in Ljubljana. We can say Peter Denajwen is one of the most successful bolognese Dog in the world. His expos in the young class, champions and veterans have always been consistent. In all the most prestigious shows Peter Denajwen came always amongs the first. His successes are linked to Daniela Toselli who is not only a good handler but also a responsible owner and our good friend. We are proud to be friends of Daniela and Gabriele Toselli.


Biography of Peter Denajwen:






















22x BOB

10x BOV & 5x BOB


World Dog Show - Salzburg, Austria 2012

Kiara od Krásné řeky

Club show Rychnov nad Kněžnou 7.4.2012

Kiara od Krásné řeky - Club champion

Zara Denajwen - class open, exc.1, CAC, club winner, BOB


CRUFTS 2011 - Birmingham NEC, GB

International dog show of all breeds on September 27th-28th 2008 in ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE


There were 9 Bolognese judged by international judge Mrs.Mgr. Božena Ovesná.

Mr. and Mrs. Toselli were exhibiting there too, so again we were amongst friends.

First we all presented our dogs with Mr. Ing. Žák taking pictures. When we had finished our presentations, we walked through the exhibition stalls and bought gifts for our canine sweethearts. The show was very successful, the weather great and the people charming company.

                                                                                text. J.Volšická, photo. Ing. V.Žák



Junior dog class:                 VIRGIL Denajwen, V1. CAJC

Intermediate dog class:      ARČI Nečasův mlýn, V1,  CAC

                                                  ULY Denajwen, V2. Res. CAC

Champions dog class:       ICH PETER Denajwen, V1, CAC, CACIB. BOB

                                                  GCH BENJY Klenot Edenu, V2, Res. CAC, Res CACIB

                                                  CH FERGIO Canis Bohemia, V3

Junior bitch class:               WERA Denajwen, VN1

Intermediate bitch class:   JITKA Valašské hory, V1

Champion bitch class:       CH. NATÁLKA Denajwen, V1, CAC, CACIB


Club dog show – Bichon Breeders Club

On September 29th 2008 there was a Club dog show in Rychnov nad Kněžnou, which involved Bichons,  Bolognese and coloured  Bolognese.

The titles available for the Club Winners were dog of the year and bitch of the year. Mrs.Mgr Zuzana Brotánková was the presiding judge, a much respected international judge. In her judging she was very precise and her attention was carefully focused on the dog´s skeleton and  movement mechanics. There were 16 Bolognese. We met there Mr. and Mrs. Toselli who came from Italy with their two dogs, Peter and Virgil Denajwen. Once again we met there several of our friends. There was Mrs. Ing.Martina Němcová (kennel od Krásné řeky), the breed consultant from the Moravian-Silesian Club with whom we cooperate and have known for a long time. Even after a long journey Virgil Denajwen was in excellent condition and nobody could see any signs of tiredness in him. He will be as good as his brother and the highest evaluation is waiting for him. In the intermediate class dog Ula Denajwen was excellently presented by Mrs. MUDr. Posltová. In the Champions class there were two great dogs belonging to Europian top dogs ICH: Peter Denajwen and GCH Benjy Klenot Edenu. Both dogs have the same relatives and they meet each other at dog shows all around Europe. They represent the high quality of the breed in the Czech Republic. The father of both these dogs was showing in the veteran class: CH. Vilík Jizerská protěž. He hasn’t forgotten how to walk round a show ring; he is a three times Club Champion, winning last  in 2007. One of his son’s has really got to follow his example. In the Puppy class there was Wera  Denajwen and Mrs. MUDr. Žáková showed this bitch very professionally. In the junior class there was the cute bitch CARMEN Vinný vrh, shown by Mr.Klika. In the bitch Champions class  CH. Natálka Denajwen was the winner. This Very dashing bitch has excellent movement mechanics.  NATÁLKA  fulfilled all the conditions to be awarded the title Grand Champion. In the veteran bitch class, Melinda od Krásné řeky made it obvious that even a veteran can have a great quality of coat and condition. The show was enjoyable and we must thank everybody who helped with the preparation and implementation. Also we must give many thanks  to Mr. Ing. Žák  who provided a great photo gallery. We were so pleased we obtained titles, beautiful prizes and with the excellent, friendly atmosphere  at the exhibition.

                                                                                 text: J. Volšická

                                                                                  photo: Ing. V. Žák

See here for more photos


Junior dog class:               VIRGIL Denajwen, V1, CAJC, Young Club Champion

Intermediate dog class:    ULY Denajwen, V1, CAC

Champion dog class:        GCH. BENJY Klenot  Edenu, V1, CAC, Club winner

                                                 ICH. PETER Denajwen, V2, Res. CAC 

Veteran dog class:       CH. VILÍK Jizerská protěž, V1. The best veteran  

Cadet bitch class:         WERA  Denajwen, VN1

Junior bitch class:        CARMEN Vinný vrh, V1, CAJC, Junior Club Champion

Champion bitch class: CH. NATÁLKA Denajwen, V1, CAC, Club winner, BOB.

Veteran bitch class:      MELINDA od Krásné řeky, V1, The best veteran     


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Tosellli for the Intermediate champion title won by Peter Denajwen



International dog show on August 30th-31st 2008 in Mladá Boleslav


There were over 4000 dogs, very nearly a record number. International judge Mgr. Božena Ovesná took the group of 13 Bolognese.  This was really a fun group for the breeders and owners so there are reasons to look forward to the next meeting. Though who gets the highest evaluation is of course interesting, equally or even more important is the feeling that the overall quality of the breed is increasing. Czech kennels certainly hold their own against the European competition. As the judge observed, all the Bolognese here were in excellent condition.

For the first time for a while we met JUDr. Longavar with his dog CH. Derrick Canis Bohemia who was awarded the highest qualification V1,CAC, CACIB, BOB. Mrs. Halířová also had success with her bitch CH. Happy Daissy Canis Bohemia who was awarded V1,CAC, CACIB. Congratulations to both the owners and also to breeder Mrs. Ing. Geryková. Thank to everybody for participating and for the successful promotion of the Bolognese breed.


 Junior dog class:   VALMONT DENAJWEN   V1, CAJC

                                     JCH. ULY  DENAJWEN  V2,

Open dog class:       GYÖNGYÖSY  PELYHES OTELLÓ V1,CAC


                                             CH. BENJY KLENOT EDENU V2, Res. CAC,

Junior bitch class:           WERA  DENAJWEN VN1

Champion bitch class:    CH. HAPPY DAISSY CANIS BOHEMIA V1, CAC, CACIB

                                               CH.NATÁLKA DENAJWEN V2, Res. CAC, Res.CACIB


                                                                                       Text. J. Volšická

                                                                                        Photo:  Ing. V. Žák & Ing. P. Žák



 VIRGIL DENAJWEN  - Esposizione Nazionale Sacile on August 17th  2008 was awarded excellent 1, CAJC, BOB. Congratulations to Mrs.Daniela Toselli and to Virgil on his great success.


ULY DENAJWEN: Congratulations to Mrs. MUDr. Jana Postlová on the Czech Junior Champion title. We wish her much success for the future.


Special Club dog show for Bichon breeders held in Kladno on August 9th 2008

The Special Club show chooses one breed a year for a special focus. As the Bolognese breed belongs to two separate clubs, one year the show is organised by the Bichon Breeders Club and the following year the show is organised by the Czech/Moravian breeders club of Maltese and Bolognese dogs. This is why the title ‘Special Show Champion` is so precious to the exhibitor.

There were 11 Bolognese who were judged by international judge and breed consultant Gudrum Štěpničková.

In the Junior class Uly Denajwen was awarded V1, CAJC. So we can say that on his fourth show, he met all the conditions to be awarded the title Junior Champion.



The following dogs were shown:

Open dog class: OTELLO Göyngyösi Pelyhes V1,CAC

Champion dog class:  CH.Benjy Klenot Edenu V1, CAC,  who also won Special dog show BOB

Champion bitch class: CH. NATÁLKA Denajwen V1, CAC. She was another Special dog show winner

photo I. Machová, Ing. V. Měchura



Vincent Denajwen, great results from dog shows in Denmark:


KSS Grenå - CAC - BOB - Junior BOB


KSS Grenå - CAC - BOS - Junior BOB


KSS Grenå - CAC - BOB - Junior BOB


KSS Rønne 2. show - CAC - BOB - Junior BOB


KSS Rønne 1. show - CAC - BOB - Junior BOB

Congratulations to Nina and Lars Bicia on their success: we wish them many more great results.




Pleasant visit

Mr. and Mrs. Glew came to visit us before they returned to England, bringing Jessie Denajwen as well. Thank you for a pleasant visit and we are looking forward for next one.


OBERWART  Austria – International dog show

On July 20th 2008 at this International dog show Virgil Denajwen was awarded (in the Junior class, first time for him) V1, CAJC. Ch. Peter Denajwen was again successful in the champions’ class and was awarded V1, CAC, res. CACIB. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Toselli. We wish Peter a quick recovery from his paw injury.


Peter a Virgil Denajwen, new Picture from Italy, both of dogs are well.


Czech National Dog Show – Mladá Boleslav July 19th-20th 2008

There were over 3500 dogs of all breed, 12 of them Bolognese. The Bolognese judge was PhDr. Miroslav Guniš.

WERA Denajwen - was the youngest participant there. She is a nice five month old bitch showing in the puppies’ class. She was very disciplined and very well prepared. She got VN (very promising).

VALMONT Denajven - was also showing for  the first time, in the Junior dog class. He was awarded V1. CAJC.

ULY Denajwen - also in the Junior dog class, had a great, well groomed coat and was very well coordinated with his owner. The dog was awarded V3.

GYÖNGYÖSI  PELYHES OTELLÓ - Open dog class. He is a new import, on his first showing. He was awarded V1, CAC.

CH. BENJY KLENOT EDENU - Champion class. A very professional presentation, he was awarded V1, CAC.  He is a National Champion.

CH. NATÁLKA Denajwen - Champion class. She is a small, quadratic, dashing bitch with great mechanics of movement who presents very well and easy. She was awarded V1, CAC, National champion, BOB (Best of Breed). All the animals from our kennel made us happy and we would like to thank their new owners for their care and love. There can be no success or good results without proper, regular care. Especial thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mach and Mr. and Mrs. Klika for giving their permission to us to write about their dogs.


text Jiřina Volšická, photo Ing. V. Měchura a Ing. V. Žák




Special Exhibition of Italian Breeds - Volta Mantovana


There were 439 dogs at this Special National Show of Italian breed held on May 8th 2008 ( in all 16 different breeds). The most popular breed was the Neapol Mastin; another favoured type  was the Cane Corso. There were 13 Bolognese. In the Cadet dog class Virgil Denajwen excelled, he was judged as a very promising one.  In the Championsclass CH.Peter Denajwen  was awarded V3. Monika Olivery was proud of her Ch. Ranjero in the Champion class who was awarded V2. In the Open bitch class  her  Giulia was awarded V1 and in the Champion bitch  class Ch. Emma was awarded V1. Both dogs, imported from the Czech Republic from kennel Denajwen, got excellent evaluations. In the final competitions Virgil Denajwen won 3rd place. It was a wonderful moment for me, to walk onto the winner´s steps.

text a photo Daniela & Gabriele Toselli






At the International dog show on June 1st 2008 all your friend’s dogs were successful. Congratulations to them all.  Mr. and Mrs. Mach from Prague with their dog Benjy Klenot Edenu, awarded V1,CAC, res.CACIB.  Daniela Toselli, from Italy, with her dog Peter Denajwen was awarded V2 res. CAC. Monica Oliveri´s dog Ranier was awarded V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and her bitch Emma  V1, CAC, CACIB.


Jiřina Volšická

Photo Daniela Toselli,  Monica Oliveri a Ing. Mach




LITOMĚŘICE May 24th -25th 2008 International dog show of all Breeds

The Bolognese (just 8 at the show) were judged by international judge Mrs. O. Dolejšová. In the Junior dog class  Uly Denajwen  was awarded V1, CAJC:  congratulations to Mrs. MUDr. Jana Postlová. In the Champions dog class CH. BENJY  Klenot Edenu excelled and was awarded V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. In group 9 this dog was fourth. We appreciate the very professional presentation and congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Mach. The Open bitch class  was won by NATÁLKA Denajwen  who was awarded V1, CAC, CACIB  CH. For Valmond Denajwen this was his first visit to a show with other dogs. He wasn´t presented but he tried proper show walking, waiting in the show cage etc. We found him very calm and easy going. 

text J. Volšická, photo ing. V. Měchura





Club show KCHB May 3rd 2008 Lysá nad Labem

This year the first Club Show of Bichons was held on May 3rd 2008. In this club there are Bichons, Bolognese and coloured Bolognese. There were 18 Bolognese and they were judged by international judge Mrs. Gudrum Štěpničková, who is also a successful breeder and breed consultant. Before the actual showing all dogs could  practice in the show ring, so visitors could see all 3 breeds from the puppies to champions. 3 dogs were from the Denajwen kennel. Uly Denajwen (junior class, 11 months) got V1, CAJC and went through to the final competition ‘Junior Champion Lysá nad Labem` where he was placed 2nd. Congratulations to MUDr. Jana Postlová. Ch.Benjy Klenot Edenu (who has won several competitions all around Europe) competed there against his father Vilík Jizerská protěž. Also Ch.Benjy Klenot Edenu got this evaluation: V1, CAC. Vilík Jizerská protěž was awarded V.2, Res. CAC.  Bitch Qaja Denajwen was exhibiting in the intermediate class, showing for  the first time, and was awarded V1. After a year’s break bitch Natálka Denajwen was in the ring again and was awarded V1, CAC. Additionally in the Best of Breed competition she won BOB. The Club Show in Lysá nad Labem was a great success - many thanks to everybody.



15May 15th 2008: puppies in their new homes.

Verunka - Wera Denajwen

Winky Denajwen

Vendulka - Wendy Denajwen

Wabi Denajwen

Wick Denajwen


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mach on the title Czech Champion

CH. Benjy Klenot Edenu, nominated for Cruft´s 2009


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Toselli on Virgil´s titles Italian Champion, Czech Champion and Champion San Marina.


CH. Peter Denajwen, nominated for Cruft´s 2009


May 2nd 2008: Congratulations to Virgil Denajwen (7 months) on his successes in his first shows in Italy. A very promising beginning Denajwen


Our dear visitor from USA with REGGIE Denajwen 


We are happy, that we can again send congratulations to family Toselli and Mach
PETR DENAJWEN  -  V1, CAC, National Winner, BOB


BENJY  KLENOT EDENU  - V1, CAJC. He fulfilled conditions for title Junior Champion CZ.

Matylda Denajwem got title Champion Sweden - Congratulation Mrs. Carin Johansson
Peter Denajwen - 10.6. Club Show of Italian breeds - Volta Mantovana - V1 CAC, Congratulation to family Toselli

Toby Denajwen - age 5 months - got title Young Promise of Ferrara on his first show, congratulation to Mr. F.Mistri  
Benjy Klenot Edenu (Vilík Jizerská protěž  x Celia z Roztyl) -  MVP Brno - VI CAJC, Congratulation to family Mach



09.06.2007  Congratulation to family Toseli.  Peter Denajwen won again show in Albarella and got  CAC, BOB.
We were pleased with e-mail, which we received from family Toseli and we are very proud with their comments.

As I told you, Peter got again CAC and BOB in the National Show in Albarella.
We are very happy with him and many thanks for this wonderful male.
I would never expect, that I will ever show him, when I pick up him.
This is all your worth. Thank you and we are looking forward to meet you soon.
Family Toseli and Peter.

09.06.2007 TINKO, TULLY a TOBY  in their new homes.


TULLY                                             TINKO


14.05.2007  Beautiful REA (Gracie)

REA (Gracie) DENAJWEN is preparing for shows now.

14.05.2007  Congratulations to Mrs. an Mr. Toselli to the great success!
PETER DENAJWEN won two shows in Italy.

FERRARA               CAC, BOB



29.04.2007 International Show in Prague
Congratulation to Mrs. Machova. 10 Months old Benjy Klenot Edenu (Vilík Jizerská protěž x Celia z Roztyl) got Excellent 1, CAJC, BOB
in his first show.

Congratulation also to Mr. and Mrs. Toselli from Italy. 20 months old Peter Denajwen (Vilík Jizerská protěž x E-Hanny Denajwen) got  Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB .
Peter Denajwen represents very successfully Czech breeding in Italy.


20.03.2007  - Star in her new home.


Karin - a spouse from Lipsko - we are looking forward to puppies:-)

Reggie Denajwen                                           Reggie and Chirpo        

PUPPIES IN LIVE TRANSMISSION - for Windows XP only - you can find it on the site "Current Litter"

05.02.2007  Rasty in his new home

21.01.2007  puppies in their new home


     Rona                                                                  Rona and Honzik



16.01.2007 Rea - Gracie in her new home

We visited our friends who have a six months old male Benjy Klenot Edenu. We are very joyous of him - he is signed by our Vilik Jizerska  protez, his mother is Celia z Roztyl. Benjy has a scissors bite 6/6, an excellent pigmentation and very nice, 10 cm long, fur. His owner and breeder Mrs. Machova can be very proud of him and she will show him soon. We wish her many successes. 

06.01.2007 - new pictures Rea Denajwen and Ruby Denajwen.

Rea - portrait                                         Rea in show position           

Ruby Denajwen in his new home






31.12.2006 Rea Denajwen learns to be fed together with other dogs. She's brave!


02.12.2006 We took part in the Santa's box for all nice doggies, which is arranged each year by association Helppes in Prague.  

                I am not afraid, Devil...............................I give you a kiss...

I found a friend...

I am happy among the dogs....

                  on the base...........................a sausage retrieve.................look! I fetch it ...

Also Santa cuddled ................................the relaxation...

19.11.2006 International Show Prague - JCh. Natalka Denajwen - CAC, CACIB, BOB.
              Judgement: 17 months old female - fully corresponding with standard.
  There were shown also E-Happy Denajwen and Peter Denajwen (living in Italy) in this show.

Natalka with a new cup.

Natalka in the show ring and judged on the table.

E-Happy Denajwen    -    Peter Denajwen

As in the human families, also our grandmother is looking after the grandchildren. The aunties will do the same later on. I would like to underline, that we are a family kennel.

We expect a litter out from JCh. Natalka Denajwen + Pretty Prattling dogs Halögén.
              You can find more information in PLANNED LITTERS.

25.10. 2006 Hanny Denajwen delivered six puppies - three females and three males. Their birth weight was about 0.20 kg.

This litter is signed by Gyöngyösi Pelyhes Aramisz.