The history of our kennel started in 1991, when kennel "z Roztyl" was registered by Jirina and Jiri Volsicky. When the kennels name had to be changed to International protected kennels, and the owner could be only one person, we registered also a second kennel name "Denajwen" - this one is in honor of our first dogs - Denis, Ajda and Wendy.



We have been breeding Bolognese since 1997. We went to Slovak Republic to a well-known kennel "Aphaia" for our first Bolognese female Daisy. The breeders, a married couple Kamenicky, became our very good friends. The second female Melinda came to our kennel from Moravia, from another well-known kennel "od Krasne reky" - the breeder is Martina Nemcova. Our male Vilik was the only one male in the litter in the notable kennel "Jizerska protez" - breeder and Club breed advisor is Gudrum Stepnickova.

Our breeding program is based on friendly co-operation with other Bolognese breeders.
We summarized our experiences with breeding Bolognese in our book "Bolognese and Bolognese color", which is being prepared for publication in Otto Publishing House.


Our aim is to breed healthy, standard Bolognese puppies, which will be a benefit for breeding this still  scarce dogs. The Bolognese is a great companion for all age groups - from a child up to seniors. We insist  on well socialization of our Bolognese puppies to give them the best possibilities to be used in canine-therapy in future. As the Bolognese is known as an "antidepressive" dog, we do our best, so our  Bolognese can help their new owners get over the daily stress and hectic times.
Therefore we prefer not only a nice looking dog, but also a perfect, ideal, social nature.


As an International judge, I am aware, that the show career lasts  usually four years, but the owner will  appreciate a perfect dog's nature for life.


J. & J. Volšický