The first Bolognese, who passed the Canine-therapy tests in Czech Republic was Daisy Apháia in 1998.
The Bolognese are used for canine-therapy because of their gregarious nature.
They can work in whichever group of dogs and the catch the client's attention because of their  plush toy look and the want to spoil with everybody. Children like their funny stunts.
Our friends were so fascinated with their nature, that they pick name "Vesely kasparek" - "Jolly Punch" for their kennel. And this name exactly describes the Bolognese nature.
The Bolognese is able to evoke a cheerful feel with the clients, so they become to be more relax and during the stroking they practice their motor.
Due to the look and strong structure, the Bolognese  is exercisable also in situations, where the small, subtle breed cannot be used. Their advantage is also in situation, when the client is afraid of bigger dogs.
There is only one problem with canine-therapy. It is impossible to be successful in shows and use the Bolognese in canine-therapy in the same time. The Bolognese coat, which is used in canine-therapy, has to be suitably cut.
The Bolognese has the best propositions to be a great dog for canine-therapy.